Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So four more days

Well its almost the big day. I have been consumed with wedding preparations and haven't kept up with my blog. Why does it take so long to coordinate an event that only lasts an afternoon?
Each wedding is a unique expression of the personality of the bride. The groom has an effect on the wedding planning but he really just sits back and waits til his cue.
It is so emotional for everyone involved because it is a huge life changing event. So all the participants and guests are kind of raw from the thought of it.
I am a bit raw from it. But I am officially declaring that my fun time has begun. I have planned every detail. I have tip toed and plowed through personality-crushing conflicts. I am ready to let it all play out gracefully. I am now going to join Dean and just show up and get married.

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Kathy said...

Wooo hoooo!! Isn't wedding planning sooo fun!!! It will all turn out fantastically!

The night before my wedding I totally re-made my bouquet & my sister's flowers & the boutineer's & corsages. LOL

Then, for our 10yr anniversary we rented the same hall we got married in & had a big party. Now, that was super fun!!

Are you ready to start planning that 10yr anniversary party next? JK

Can't wait to see some pics of your beautiful day =)