Thursday, August 21, 2008

Seeking Bengal kitten!

I have been very busy looking for a new kitten. I was very sad about Indigo--preoccupied, depressed, obsessed, angry, inconsolable and beyond grief-stricken. The only thing that could get me beyond losing my cat was to think about getting a new cat. It worked.

I have been thinking about Bengal cats for the last month or so. Reading and researching. Dean is happy I have stopped crying. And he is actually looking forward to getting a Bengal too. They are fascinating.

Just go on Youtube and search for Bengal cat and you will find countless videos about Bengals who run on exercise wheels, play in water, leap 7 feet in the air and fetch like a dog. You will also see them walking on a leash and snuggling luxuriously. They are bred from Asian Leopard cats. The Bengal I would buy would be at least 4 generations from the Asian Leopard cat. Completely domesticated but resembling a little leopard. Spots (rosettes) or marbles. Long beautiful tails, slinky, fast, clownish. I want one.

Check out and

I will be seeing more cats this weekend. Wish me luck. I need to get a kitten that will be as fantastic as Indigo was. That is not an easy task. But I think that a Bengal will do it. Indigo was probably a Bengal mix. Only a true Bengal will be able to take his place....

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Kathy said...

First of all big hugs & how freakin awesome to see a post from you!!!! SHAWING!!! My cousin has 2 Bengal cats & just loves them to pieces!!! I hope you find yourself an adorable new companion. I still miss my Sassy cat everyday. She was a siamese tabby mix...such a remarkable cat. Anytootles, keep blogging lady! I have missed hearing from ya & reading your posts!!!