Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday!!!! Bengal filming day....

I love Saturdays. Its a beautiful day here and I have all day to catch up on the stuff I can't do during the week. I get to clean the house for one thing. I don't like to clean really but I do like the house better when it is clean.

Also, if I clean around here, I can make more videos of the cats for youtube. I like making videos. I admit they are not the best quality right now but I am trying. I had to teach myself the use the camera and the editing software. I wish I could just know how to do it. But like with anything new, you just have to do it til you know how. If I waited for someone to teach me, I would never have filmed the kitten when she was tiny.

We love Mariah. The other cats love Mariah. We are very happy we have her. I will always miss my kitty Indigo. Always. But my heart is healing with the help of this little Bengal kitten.

Please watch the videos on youtube. My channel is

There are lots of other channels that I like listed in my subscriptions. One very good one is it is a bit full of drama but the videos of the Bengal cats are top rate.

More later! Hug your kitties and make sure they know you love them.

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