Monday, May 19, 2008

Back to work!

I went back to work today after being out for only 2 weeks. I want my nap now but other than that I am pretty good. I hope it stays that way.
I drove to work and that was pretty scary. Its tough when you don't know how fast you are going or how far away everything is. I just kept telling myself, "I can do this, I can do this" over and over. But it was awful. I hope I can get home ok. I don't even want to try to drive in the dark.
I am just going to try to get to work and back every day for a while and then slowly try other things. I know the way to work and don't have to think to hard or make too many decisions. Its very strange but sometimes (a lot really) I can't tell where I am in relation to anything else. That sounds so bizarre but its true. Imagine being in a building that you have been in before but not knowing at all how to get from a room on one end of the building to another. Every way looks the same and you can't project yourself moving out of the space you are currently in. I am doing fine in the office but I am not going to walk into the plant without someone with me. I am disoriented enough.
I am glad to be at work and I am glad to be doing my job again. I am watching myself though. Everything gets worse when I get tired and I tend to get tired suddenly.


Kathy said...

How awesome that you are able to be back at work. I hope for continual relief. Don't over do it & get as much rest as possible.

Will said...

I had a second shot last week and I have been off balance since. I also have some double vision at times. Did this happen during your recovery? I am glad that you are doing better.

Julie Welch said...

Will- When I had the two shots I was very sick for about 2 weeks. It was very difficult. I had to learn to walk and drive again. But I haven't had a vertigo attack since! It wasn't fun to go through but it worked. I consider myself very lucky. Good luck to you. :-)