Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No Third Gentamicin Injection

WOW! The doctor decided that since I was so sick last week, the balance function in my left ear is probably destroyed already. So he chose not to do a third gentamicin treatment and wait and see what happens. My hearing hasn't been affected adversely yet. The gentamicin probably wouldn't have made me sick again and it may harm my hearing. My balance isn't too bad right now so I am adapting.

I am rejoicing that I didn't need a third injection and if I never get vertigo again, I never will. This may be the end of it. I am hopeful.

So, can I plan my wedding (and the rest of my life) now?

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Kathy said...

FANTASTIC news!!!!!! I'm so glad it is working for you & you didn't have to have another one. Also it's fantastic it's not affected your hearing!!! Wooo hoooo! Bring on the fun wedding planning!!