Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wedding music- Dance of the Brides?

We are making great progress in choosing music for the wedding ceremony. I think there will be classical in the church and folk/country at the reception. If the reception was not at the church too, the music would be very different. This Baptist church will not allow the kids to have dances at the church so that means wedding receptions can't have dancing. Of course there is no drinking either. It will be a sweet and wholesome wedding. That is fine with me.
Dean is just glad that he doesn't have to dance. I like to dance but I don't want to do it in a big dress.
There seem to be a lot of sites with list of music choices. Since I can't tell what they are by the title, I go to Youtube and there is always a video of some orchestra playing the songs. Its kind of fun.
I told Dean I wanted to march down the aisle to Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights. I found a good recording of it at this site. Take a listen and see what you think. You may remember it from the old Chanel ad for the man's cologne "Egoist". I thought it was perfect for me.
He got the joke. I am not going to use this for the wedding but it is a funny idea! I crack myself up.
I bet there are loads of people trying to choose wedding music. At first I was totally intimidated but now that I have been at it, I am ok. I have a big list. Dean has procured a pianist. We will get her a corsage. No one to sing though. No one wants to work on July 5.
Maybe I will sing? I couldn't sing before I went half deaf. I can't imagine how I must sound to other people. I sound fine to me, because I can't hear myself!!

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Kathy said...

It sounds like your wedding plans are going super & it's going to be a great day!! I used to sing all the time & now I can't hear myself either lol!! Best wishes on your treatment tomorrow. I'll be thinkin boutcha. Let me know how it goes!! many ((HUGS))