Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two fresh little graves

This is unfathomable. Who would ever believe that it would happen this way. We now have two fresh little graves in the back yard.

I told Dean that sometimes everything in your life has to collapse so you can build it back up again the way it needs to be. Sometimes change is gradual and other times, like now, its drastic.

We will build our cat family back up again. I spoke to Missy Strayer-the Bengal breeder from whom we got Mariah (Woodland Bengals) & she has kittens now or we can wait for a kitten from a litter coming a little later.

Look at and check out the girl named Athena and the boy called George of the Jungle. They are being bred now.

And--and this is really unbelievable, Richard Norton--whose cats are famous on youtube-- has offered me a kitten for free if I pay for the shipping. After all the vet bills the idea of paying anything for anything is scary.

But just look at them:

Its hard to imagine getting another cat right now but honestly how can someone hurt when they are holding a kitten?

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