Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Shelby now?

Through something totally unrelated to Mariah's illness, we have lost Shelby this morning. She was perfectly fine asleep next to Dean when he heard her make a strange sound. She raised her head for a moment then dropped it. She was dead of what the vet presumes was an undiagnosed cardio myopathy.

She had a heart attack and died instantly.

Dean is absolutely shattered. The other cats are not aware yet. I am numb. I can't really absorb it and am trying not to become detached. This has happened. There is a reason that we don't understand. A plan is in place that we are just a part of.

These are two unrelated events. A not quite five month old kitten dies of a horrible disease on Monday and an eight year old seemingly healthy cat dies instantly on Wednesday. What is happening to us?

Seamus and Elvis are loving us right now. Seamus knows I am sad and is rubbing me and sitting in my lap. Elvis just looks at us with his intelligent eyes. He has been with Shelby for her whole life. They are like bookends. One without the other doesn't make any sense. And I hope he can function without her.
We love you Shelby.

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Kathy said...

Oh my!! I am in tears here. I can't even imagine!!! I wish I was there cuz I'd give you a HUGE hug!!!