Thursday, July 19, 2007

Old house-New House

Sold my townhome on Monday. I have never felt such a sense of relief in my life. It was as if a weight that had been flattening my whole mind and body had suddenly been lifted.

I expanded.

As I drove home I was both inside and outside of my car. Floating along. I was a part of the road and the sky and the trees. The usually drab scenery looked bright and colorful. I was in a Vincent Van Gogh painting. Can one have an out of body experience after selling a house?

Selling a house certainly causes a person to pull up roots. I am rootless. (Easy there about my blonde hair) Maybe the sense of expansion was my body and soul becoming unrooted. Unanchored. Untethered. Alright enough already.

So now I am sharing expenses with Dean. We have cut our individual expenses in half. I believe the knowledge that I could actually finally afford to pay my bills, eat and save money was enough to create a fundamental shift of my inner and outer being. I have not had any sense like that since 1993.

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