Saturday, July 7, 2007

Were there two Mondays this week?

Monday was Monday. Tuesday was Friday. Wednesday was Saturday. Thursday was Monday. Friday WAS Friday. And now its Saturday again.

I am not going to complain about having a day off on the 4th of July--or any day. But when the day off falls on a Wednesday it feels like I have had two mini work weeks and now I am twice as tired. Just when I was adjusting my delicate self to getting up early and being coherent at my job on Tuesday, it was time to have a sweet day off.
Then Thursday was just as jarring as a Monday usually is. I dragged my ass around till the end of the day. And so did everyone else.
Some people had spent the 4th out of town and had made 2 hour drives in from who knows where in the early morning. I know it sounds impossible but they were crankier than I was. My mind was foggy--strangely foggy. Anything that had made sense on Tuesday was nonsense to me on Thursday because I had had a day of just being myself and not my "work self". My real self tries to be relaxed and not too analytical and critical. I hear my relatives and friends groaning at that last comment.
So lets just talk about that for a moment. I am cranky. I have always been cranky. And you know what? I am probably always going to be cranky. I try not to be. I am aware that I snap sometimes. I have an edge. I snap when I am hungry and tired. Or when someone does not allow me to finish my sentences.
Well, back to my very interesting story about what happened this week.
I still can't figure out how to add people to my blog. I only know two other people who have a blog but that's enough, right?
Work. I have done a lot of different things for a living. I am sort of adaptable to my circumstances. I get bored easily (a cranky trigger) and I seem to have to move every 2 years. Even if I just move from one place to another in the same town. I gotta change my scenery or I go a little nutty. I have moved 12 times since 1995.
Thank God I have not had as many jobs. I have worked for 3 large companies during that time. One in California, and 2 in the Carolinas.
My current job is as a Research Analyst. I have to find out stuff, organize it, look at it and draw conclusions about it. What I find out is used by basically everyone who changes their car's oil, air, fuel or transmission filters. Sounds important. Oh the responsibility of it all! I am sure I feel as much stress as the President of the United States, or the Queen of England or well one of my cats when he is trying to get me to feed him. Everyone "works for food". It doesn't matter if you have a job that grinds you into the dirt or thrills you to your core.
My job does a little of both. I think it is the best job I have had though. All is well. More about that later.
The sunporch is not sunny yet today. But I am happy to sit here again. It is a little damp but cool and pleasant. I have only had one cup of tea and nothing to eat. Crankiness will set in if I don't feed the caffeine demon. And the low blood sugar monster. Must drink tea. Must resist sugary breakfast cereal. Butt fell asleep while writing this.

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