Friday, April 25, 2008

Like Fresca

Well the Gentamicin treatment hurt. I can't lie.

The doctor discussed my options: Gentamicin, endolymphatic sac decompression and vestibular nerve section (vestibular neurectomy). I chose the gentamicin because it is non-surgical and is 90% effective.

Then he went ahead and gave me my first treatment. I was scared to death so I just wanted to get the first one over with. He numbed my ear by injecting an anesthetic into my eardrum--that was awful, awful awful. I thought that was it. But he was just starting. He put a tube in my ear-like they put in a child's ear. Then He injected the gentamicin through the tube. It was like having fresca poured into your ear! It fizzed and it sounded just like liquid pouring down a funnel. Yikes.

But now that the tube is there he will just have to put the gentamicin in, no more shots in the eardrum I hope.

I feel pretty good today--just really tired. I have not been dizzy or had vertigo. The doctor said there will be dizziness after 3 days when the gentamicin has had a chance to work. I am not looking forward to that but if it means it is working I will look forward to it.

It feels good to have done something to help myself. I can actually feel hope.

Take that Meniere's! HA, HA and fooey on you!

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