Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not dizzy...still

Well--I am still not dizzy. So I am concluding that the first gentamicin injection will not affect me before I go back for more on Friday. I am letting my guard down a little because I know I just have to get through another day before I am back in his office. So I have had four and a half good days.
What a blessing! Every freaking second that I don't have vertigo is astonishingly wonderful. I can have confidence about normal things like walking across a room. One day last week I was in an IHop and wanted to go to the ladies room. But it was way across the room. Dean had walked me into the restaurant by holding my hand and balancing me. But I just could not ask him to walk me to the ladies room in front of a bunch of lunchers. So I had to wait. Now that is just not acceptable.
I have slowly been able to focus on more of my duties at home and at work. Its good to know that if I start a project I will be able to finish it. A sustained Meniere's attack truly stops you in your tracks. Nothing gets done, and you don't care because it is more important that the world stops spinning before your eyes than to put a dish away for example. And there is no point to putting something in the oven if you don't know if you will be able to take it out again--without falling in!

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