Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When will the dizziness strike?

No reaction from the gentamicin...yet. I feel like I am waiting for a bomb to go off. But I guess I may not be dizzy with just the first injection. It may take several.
So is it working? I have no idea.
Its also hard to explain to people who ask me how I am. I say I'm not dizzy. They say that's good. Then I say no its bad. I am supposed to get dizzy so I will know the gentamicin is working. They just look at me like I am standing on my head. I shouldn't have told anyone I was getting them.
Other than feeling like I am waiting for the moment of doom, I am ok. I have not wanted to do much wedding planning though. Once I calm down about the Meniere's, I will get back to work in earnest. As far as I know, most of the big stuff is all set up. I have to decide on exactly what is happening during the ceremony. And what music will be played. We are having problem getting a live person to sing or play on the holiday weekend. So we will probably have recorded music during the ceremony. That is not great but at this point the less fuss the better.

Oh I wish I could distract myself from the ear thing. I have been working on the wedding program. I like that. It distracts me. Its one of the things I can focus on.

I joined a Meniere's forum. The posts still scare me but I figured I may post something someone is interested in some day. So far I have just read.

Hey tinnitus! Shut-up! People are trying to think around here.

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Kathy said...

I have heard that the gent treatments are supposed to make you feel sicker to know they are working. But what do I know? I've never had the injections & am not a candidate for them as I am bilateral. Do you have any loss of hearing with your MM? I know it's so very hard sometimes to go on with the every day tasks of life when ya have your ears messin with ya. The tinnitus doesn't help either. Don't over-stress about your upcoming wedding. That will only make the attacks worse. Everything will turn out perfect in the end. It sounds like you have yourself an amazing fiance who loves you just the way you are. Feel free to PM me. my email is kmw825@yahoo.com feel fabulous!!!