Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Found a forum

I have joined The people have been very nice. It is a relief to have someone to talk to. I think I have burned out everyone else. Hopefully even more people will find my blog too. Its good to know other people are going through this. I have been in such a state of crisis for months. I really thought I was just going to FREAK OUT! Now I feel better.


Kathy said...

wooohoooo!! I am so glad you joined this group. I just love it myself! There are definately a lot of wonderful people in the group who can understand what you're going through. I've found that when I discuss my MM with a non-menierian they are clueless & pretty much think I'm out of my gourd. And ya know...sometimes when my world is a never ending amusement ride I do feel out of my gourd. LOL Anyhoo, best wishes on your upcoming gent treatment. I'm so glad you have been able to enjoy your past few dizzy free days!!! =)

Julie Stanton said...

Yup- I made my first post last night. I am mygraycat on the forum. Do you have a different identity? Wow! I thought I wouldn't know a soul--but I do!