Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wedding Preparations Continue

I haven't posted for a long time because all of my spare moments have been spent preparing for the big event. It will be 1pm July 5 at First Baptist Church in Kings Mountain. It is only one afternoon but for some reason preparing for a wedding can take years. Its like organizing the Olympics or something.

So I have been buying dresses, picking theme colors, making favors, choosing and sending invitations and many many other nutty tasks. I don't know what I will do when it is all over. I guess I will spend time changing my name to Welch.

In the midst of the frenzy I have also felt the effects of the progression of Meniere's. I have vertigo attacks nearly every day. If you have never had one, you would not ever be able to imagine what it is like. Let's just say it makes you only care about making it stop.

Briefly, it is like this. I am going to write about it once and then that's it. Promise. First there is an odd feeling that I am receding from the world. I am going backward in space as if someone has wrapped a rubber band around my waist and is pulling me back and down. Also- it would be like going down the tallest part of a roller coaster-backward.

Then everything I see starts to spin counter clockwise. If you spun yourself around rapidly for about a minute you would see what I mean. The spinning is so dramatic that it is impossible to focus my eyes on anything at all. I absolutely can't read when this happens. My ear screeches its own special vertigo siren(Chain saw with coffee grinder accents).

The top of my head feels weighted. So if I move it I feel like it is going to tip over. So I don't want to even move my head. I sweat, my pupils dilate and sometimes I throw up. (Sorry-that was gross) but I need to get this all out, so to speak.

I can't walk without staggering. The cats run for their lives because then think I am going to step on them.

This lasts for hours. It happens several times a day. Antivert sometimes works but sometimes it doesn't.

So Thursday I am going to the specialist in Charlotte who will probably give me Gentamicin injections. A series of these injections should deaden the vestibular nerve from my left ear. This should help with the vertigo.

So that is it. My description of Meniere's vertigo.

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